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Writing for the web (whether it be content for a website or a blog) is not what it used to be. Previously, the Google search algorithms were all about trawling for the right keywords. Today, Google is more interested in finding the best quality content on the web. That means:

  • Content that is well-written
  • Content that genuinely educates and informs
  • Content that does not mislead
  • Content that improves the site’s conversion rate (in other words it leads to action)

When your content does all of the above, Google (and the other search engines) will love it!

If you would like some help writing quality content for your website or perhaps a well-written, entertaining blog then please do get in touch.


I write a number of successful blogs including a regular monthly one for Cooroy Pest Control.


I write regular articles for INNOOSA magazine. I love doing the research and writing the articles, no matter what the subject matter.


I have written a series of books for World Vision called STORIES OF CHANGE as well as a “choose-your-own-path” story called FINDING MY WAY to warn young readers in Asia about the dangers of human trafficking.

I’ve also written a popular children’s adventure story called WOLFSTORM and I am now writing the sequel.

Editing & proofreading


You may have written something but you feel like it needs to be tidied up (or perhaps even rewritten) so that it reads better and is error-free?

I do a lot of editing and proofreading work for clients such as World Vision International. These documents are distributed to a worldwide audience and therefore require meticulous attention to detail.

I also recently edited a 434 page book which involved a lot of rewriting and I’m happy to report that the author was ecstatic with the final product.

If what you’ve written needs a bit of extra sparkle, I’ll give it that too. I’m certain you’ll want your words to come alive on the page. It’s an information blizzard out there so your words need to shine!

Let me take a look at what you have written. Before we go any further, I’ll give you an honest opinion of how much work I think is required.


Proofreading is about practice. The more you do the better you get. I have been a World Vision proofreader for over a decade now. When it comes to grammar and punctuation I follow the New Hart’s Rules now known as The Oxford Style Guide. Not only will I proofread your work but I will also copyedit it. In other words, I will rewrite sections and fix the grammar so that the writing flows better.

Send me what you’ve written and I’ll give you a quote.

Let me demonstrate that high-quality work does not have to cost a fortune.


The job of a good copywriter is to a) grab the audience’s attention and b) SELL the product or service. This not only requires fresh ideas but also an understanding of the product AND the target audience.

I am an award-winning copywriter and creative director with many years experience in the advertising industry. I have created literally hundreds of press ads, as well as many campaigns featuring online, TV and radio ads. It is something I love to do.

The most important thing I’ve found is to listen carefully to the client’s brief. What exactly is the message they want to get across? What are they hoping to achieve with their advertising campaign? If this is fully understood the campaign will stand a much better chance of doing its job. Wacky, “off-the-wall” ideas are not enough. Fresh ideas that fit the brief will always be more successful.

If you are looking for some copywriting work (including concepts and scripts for corporate videos), then please do get in touch. I will listen carefully to everything you have to say and work closely with you all the way. I can guarantee that my approach will be fresh and attention-grabbing. It also helps that my wife is a graphic designer, meaning we can handle all of the design work as well.

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