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About me

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an English Literature major but, for me, it is my experience as a writer and editor that really counts. I’ve been doing this kind of work for nearly 30 years now and I really do believe that the more writing/editing/proofreading I do, the better I get.

My writing journey began as a copywriter in the advertising industry, culminating in seven years as Creative Director of an agency. After that, my wife, Lara, and I formed our own small agency, Blue Apple Projects, which has been going strong (first in Zimbabwe and now in Australia) for almost 20 years. World Vision has been one of our main clients for the last 10 years with Lara doing the design work and me doing a lot of writing, editing and proofreading.

This is now a service I am providing to a growing number of clients in Australia and overseas. We are blessed to be living near beautiful Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. In today’s digital world everything can be done remotely and this is something we prove every day. Our clients are situated everywhere and we continue to strive to give them the best service we possibly can.

We look forward to saying hello to you!


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