Afternoon All,

 We had the great pleasure today of hosting new author Ian Pugh. He has written and self-published his first book, “Wolfstorm”. The book is a truly great read and his presentation was very interesting and inspirational. I would highly recommend you consider having Ian to speak to your students next year.

His book is high adventure with 3 children time-travelling to the future and back to WW2. There is also some comedy that will give you a chuckle. Ian suggested his book is suitable for 9-12 year olds but our year 3’s were just as keen and I am sure year 8’s would be too, maybe year 9’s. I read the book and it had me enthralled and that doesn’t happen too often in a busy term.

Ian introduced his background, his writing style and ideas bank, a bit of an overview of the book, the science of time travel and coming from Zimbabwe, he explained the increasing decline in rhinoceros numbers. All very interesting! And he relates very well to kids being used to speaking at schools. Our kids are still buzzing about it.

 Go to Ian’s website for more info, contact details plus a download of the first 5 chapters at: http://ianpugh.com/

Our teachers read the first 5 chapters and then borrowed the library’s copy or bought their own to read the rest of the book. 25 classes attended over two 1 hour sessions and all students were familiar with at least the first 5 chapters so they were well prepared and very receptive to Ian’s talk and had some brilliant questions as well.

I highly recommend that you consider having Ian speak to your students in 2014. But get in asap as his popularity as a speaking author can only surely increase rapidly. Contact him on ian@ianpugh.com

We’ll definitely get him back after he finishes writing his follow-up book next year.

Janice Chilcott

Teacher Librarian, St Eugene College, Burpengary, QLD

p. (07) 34914615, e. jchilcott@bne.catholic.edu.au

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